Leon Wilmot – Yuma County Sheriff

Elect Leon N. Wilmot Sheriff

Your vote for Leon Wilmot will ensure that you and the citizens of Yuma County continue to receive the quality customer service that we as a community expect from our dedicated law enforcement professionals with SERVICE, COMMITMENT and fiscal responsibility as the main priorities of the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

Election Platform

  • Continue to serve the citizens of Yuma County and our nation with integrity, dedication and honor.
  • Cross certification of Detention Officers in order to increase the number of certified deputies available for emergency situations and to augment the reserve force for the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Continue to work closely with Federal agencies to deter border crime.
  • Solicit additional funding to increase Patrol without burdening local tax payers (i.e., grant monies).
  • Increase volunteer staff to help with Jail and Patrol functions.

“No one should criticize his country, his state, or his city, unless he is willing to dedicate himself to public service to make it better. It is easy to criticize; it is most difficult to give of oneself to others.” — Socrates